Designing a Swimming Pool

How to Order Replacement Spa Covers

It can be challenging to order a new spa cover if you do not have the model, make and the year when the old cover was manufactured. However, you should not give up on the matter. Use the following suggestions to buy the correct replacement part for your spa. Take note of the shape The first detail that can help you to identify the correct cover for your spa is its sha

Keeping Your Glass Pool Fencing Shiny and Clean

One of the premium materials that you should consider for your pool fencing is glass. Glass pool fencing not only adds a touch of luxury to your pool area, but the toughened materials that it is manufactured from also add an element of additional safety, especially if you have pets and small children. Nonetheless, the sleek surface of the glass does make it susceptibl

A Beginner's Guide to Swimming Pool Equipment

When you're ready to have a pool installed on your property, you'll need the proper equipment to go with it. This equipment will keep the pool clean and safe, cutting down on the time you would otherwise spend scrubbing the pool and cleaning it by hand. To ensure you have everything you need for your new pool, note a few of the basics you'll want to ensure are include

Two Tips for Keeping Your Swimming Pool Sanitary

Most people prefer to swim in clean water. Here are two tips you should keep in mind if you want to ensure that your pool serves as a sanitary swimming environment. Clean or replace your swimming pool filter regularly A pool filter is designed to extract debris (such as soil and dust) from the water. Over time, swimming pool filters can become clogged up not only with