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Keeping Your Glass Pool Fencing Shiny and Clean

One of the premium materials that you should consider for your pool fencing is glass. Glass pool fencing not only adds a touch of luxury to your pool area, but the toughened materials that it is manufactured from also add an element of additional safety, especially if you have pets and small children. Nonetheless, the sleek surface of the glass does make it susceptible to smudges and fingerprints, particularly during the months of heavy usage. And if you do not know the right way to maintain this type of fencing, it becomes increasingly challenging to restore its initial pristine appearance. The following advice should make it easier for homeowners to keep their glass pool fencing shiny and clean.

Prep the glass

Before you begin intensive cleaning on your glass pool fencing, you should start with eliminating the surface dirt. Splashes from the pool coupled with dust floating in the air can cause grime to embed itself on the surface of the fence panels. Desist from trying to scrape out this dirt, as you pose the risk of scratching the glass. Instead, crumple up a newspaper and use this to rub the glass fencing gently. The newspaper will provide the needed friction to remove the dirt without the paper causing undue friction on the surface.

Wash the glass

The next step to cleaning your glass pool fencing is sponging it down with some soapy water. Some people may assume that industrial cleaners would make their work easier, but in reality, the agents in these products could end up affecting the glass in the long-term. A better alternative would be to use regular dishwashing soap and rinse it off by gently hosing it down. Be sure to rinse the glass from top to bottom to minimise streaking on the panels. Use a soft squeegee to eliminate any lingering water droplets.

Shine the glass

Once the water has dried, you should proceed to polish the glass. At this stage, some individuals may reach out for their window cleaner to give the glass panels a bright shine. However, window cleaners have some chemicals that would end up forming a film on the glass when used on a consistent basis. As a result, your glass pool fencing starts to look cloudy, no matter how much effort you put into cleaning it. The right agent to use is regular vinegar, as this will make the glass clear and bright without leaving a layer of chemicals on it. Dab the vinegar on a lint-free soft cloth and gently shine the glass with circular motions.