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How to Order Replacement Spa Covers

It can be challenging to order a new spa cover if you do not have the model, make and the year when the old cover was manufactured. However, you should not give up on the matter. Use the following suggestions to buy the correct replacement part for your spa.

Take note of the shape

The first detail that can help you to identify the correct cover for your spa is its shape. Spa covers can be square, round, rectangular, half-moon or other shapes. It is therefore vital for you to identify the exact shape of your old cover so that you can pick out that correct one when you go shopping. It is also helpful for you to take clear photos of the old cover so that you can have a point of reference as you look at the pieces on sale.

Take measurements

Spa covers cannot be identified based on their shape alone. Other details, such as accurate measurements, are therefore needed to narrow down the options further. Many spa covers are made from a single fold of material. Measure all the sides of your old cover so that you can buy a replacement cover with the same measurements. You should also pay attention to the number of folds in your cover. Oversize covers normally have several folds. It is also helpful to note down the pattern of the folds. For example, are they arranged one on top of the other or they touch at an angle? Take as many measurements with your tape measure as you can so that you can isolate any covers that deviate from the specific attributes of your old cover.

Find unique features

Another way to find the exact cover for your spa if you do not have its model number and the year of manufacture is by looking for any unique features that it may have. For instance, does the old cover have any sections with cuts on them? Such cuts could have been made during the manufacturing process to create room for a spa accessory or component. You can even place the cover on your spa so that you identify which feature was intended to fit into that cut-out section.

The details above will go a long way in helping the supplier of spa parts to pinpoint the exact cover that will fit your spa. Use the details in the discussion above to confirm your choice.