Designing a Swimming Pool

A Beginner's Guide to Swimming Pool Equipment

When you're ready to have a pool installed on your property, you'll need the proper equipment to go with it. This equipment will keep the pool clean and safe, cutting down on the time you would otherwise spend scrubbing the pool and cleaning it by hand. To ensure you have everything you need for your new pool, note a few of the basics you'll want to ensure are included with its installation, and a few tips on how to choose the right type as well.


You may know that your pool needs a pump, but may not know how to choose the right pump size. One consideration is the type of filter you'll have installed, as a sand filter may need a slow flow of water to capture debris, whereas a pump that is underpowered for a cartridge filter will not pull water through it often enough to keep that water clean. You also don't want a pump that is too powerful for either the filter type or the size of your pool, as running water through the filter more often than needed will simply waste electricity.


Don't underestimate the importance of having an alarm on the pool water's surface, even if you don't have children or pets. If a neighbour's child or dog should fall into the pool, if someone trespasses into your yard to use the pool, or if wildlife should make their way to your pool, you want to be alerted as quickly as possible. An alarm is very unobtrusive and notes any movement in the water past a particular speed, meaning that something has broken the water's surface, and will then sound. Even if you're not home, a neighbour may hear the sound and be able to check to see what has made its way into your pool, and alert emergency services if necessary.

Solar panel

Ask your pool installer about hooking a solar panel to the pump and any lights that are installed along the pool's edge. This will ensure the pump always works even if there is an interruption of your city-supplied power, so that dirt and debris don't build up; this can be especially important if you live in areas prone to storms, which may knock out power and cause debris to get blown into the pool! A solar panel for the pool can also reduce your electric bill so that you don't need to worry about how long you're running the pump or other swimming pool equipment.